Congratulations Barb Ditmars!

Barb Ditmars

Barb surrounded with a copious amount of odd curios.

It’s impossible to be around Barb Ditmars and not crack a smile. Her wry and self deprecating humor constantly provides a different lens to see the world by. On November 1, the office in Louisville, Colorado celebrated Barbs retirement after 18 years with PST. And it wasn’t only employees that took note. A long-time customer, CN Railroad, made sure to say “thank you” by providing some parting gifts as well.

Barbs deep product knowledge and coding skills will be missed – as well as her tongue-in-cheek views of the world.

Barb shared some thoughts with us:

When and where did you start with the railroad/PST?
July 1998 w/ PST

Barb and Rick Ditmars

Barb and her husband Rick share a moment by the cakes and gifts.

How did you get involved with PST?
I wasn’t looking, but I heard about a mainframe job in Boulder where the office was less than 2 miles from my house.  I applied and they hired me.  Back then I could get to work faster on my bicycle than in my car.  With each office move my commute has doubled and no one felt sorry for me.  My commute is now (My Original Commute)3 + 2 Miles

How did you learn to program?
I’ve been in this field for 35 years.  I received OJT and later received my BS degree in Computer Science/Mathematics.  I worked 6 years in State Government, 11 years in the grocery business and 18 in the railroad business.

What is the role/job you are leaving at PST?
Project Lead for CN.

What is your favorite railroading/PST memory?
Y2K at midnight and the pres was jammin’ on his guitar to keep us entertained.

Barb Ditmars and Rusanne King

Barb sharing a laugh with recent retiree Rusanne King.

What’s that ‘thing’ you’re going to do in retirement that you’ve been waiting for?
Exploring all of the interesting places in the US and the world where I have always wanted to go but haven’t yet.  And of course, many SCUBA diving trips!

Words of wisdom or quote to live by…?
“Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes it just makes you want to puke.”  …and on a lighter note, sometimes it’s the most fun you’ve ever had.




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