Congratulations Frank Molnar

Frank MolnarTo know Frank Molnar is to know the definition of someone who is Black or White. And, that’s not a bad thing. Frank is moving into retirement with the same certainty and clarity of thinking that he approached everything he did for PST. Quick with a laugh, frank with an insight (pun intended), Mr. Molnar’s attention to detail and passion for excellence will be missed. Thanks for your time at PST!

When did you start with PST?

I started at PST on 4/1/2006.

What’s that “thing” you’ve been waiting to do?

My goal is to lose lose weight and feel better. At my last physical the doctor told me to lose at least 40 pounds. I have joined Lifetime Fitness and have lost 8 pounds so far. My goodness, I have turned into a gym rat as I spend at least 4 hours a day at the gym!

How did you get connected with PST?

I worked with Cheryl Cole’s husband, Dave, at StorageTek in Louisville, when PST was looking for an AVP of development. He asked me if I would be interested and I said “sure”. The rest is history.

What is your favorite railroad memory?

My favorite railroad memory is learning that the freight railroads are not scheduled. I thought the train that stopped me on Baseline Road almost daily was the same one. I was very surprised to learn how they operate.

Favorite Quote:

“Live each day to the fullest. You never know when it will be your last.”


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