Congratulations Greg Kopetzky!

Greg Kopetzky blows up bridges. And judging by the smile on his face in the video linked below, he really enjoys it.

In fact, Greg has done lot’s of things that most of us probably didn’t know about during his long tenure with the railroads and PST. We come to the end of an era with Greg retiring, and we will be the lesser for it. His enthusiasm and thoroughness for the work he does has been amazing.

Quick with a smile, Greg is not slowing down. He just won’t be full speed with PST. We wish you good luck and are indebted to your efforts. You will be missed.

What’s that ‘thing’you’re going to do in retirement that you’ve been waiting for?
Volunteer more: Continue out reach at Food Bank, Senior Independt Living via handyman repairs back to Juarez Mexico to build houses.
Back to school:  Subjects Finance, CFP, Project Management, History

When and where did you start with the railroad?
May 1974 to November 1999 (BNSF)
November 1999 to current (PST)

How did you get involved with PST?
Installed and maintained the PST system on a 1 year 3 month roll out to all former decentrailized Crew Dispatching facilities.

What is your favorite railroading memory?
No matter how complicated the business rule was, there was always someone at PST that could code a solution.

Words of wisdom or quote to live by…?
“All who wander are not lost”

Greg has shared some favorite work locations and events: 

Exploding propane toilet in Donkey Creek, Wy.

Hump Tower operator in Lincoln, NE.

Train Dispatcher and Cheif Crew Dispatcher in Lincoln, NE.

Hastings, NE strongarm Interlocking Plant.

Relief Agent/Operator in Falls City, NE for my dad.

On board deadheading Gillette, WY to Clairmont, WY in a rail collision.
Lived in a room above this hotel with a bar that closed at 02:00 and reopened at 06:00.

Ran a locomotive with Engineer Ernie Semtcheck when Conductor Merle Kinney said it was too dangerous to go across and he drove to other side to complete local work.

See the bride demolition here.

First railroad assignment as a Relief Agent/Operator in Keith’s home town of Wilber, NE.



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