Railroad Crew Management

Configurable. Customizable. Comprehensive.

Six out of seven Class I railroads in the US and Canada use our Railroad Crew Management solutions because they perform well. Over and over. For over 25 years in fact. You stick with what works.

Need more than one of our solutions? They integrate with each other to make life a little better.


Specific Solutions for Specific Needs

Crews Management for the railroad industry.

Crew Pro

We have you covered:

CrewPro Short Line

CrewPro Class I



We are happy to announce Norfolk Southern is working with us on CrewPro. Find out more here.

Make leaving the office easier.


CrewPro is the next generation of our industry standard railroad crew management solutions. The things you read below are being built into the latest product update. For more info, click the link that matches your railroad:

CrewPro Short Line

CrewPro Class I


Travel, Lodging and communication made simple. A suite of our most commonly combined necessities. Van, Hotel (shown further down this page) and EMS. Web connectivity is all that’s needed. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.


Provide the crew dispatching center and all of its customer’s insight into near real-time supply and demand for your railroad.  Take your existing train demand and couple it with existing supply and Forecast will match crews to trains 24 hours ahead of time.


This smart system let’s you reduce the time needed to track and maintain employee’s qualification and seniority information. Quickly audit research such as why a particular employee was not selected for the job. Create a standards based approach for the maintenance of positions.

Regional and Transit

Tailored for the commuter and short line railroads, this highly configurable solution facilitates meeting the rail industry’s ever-changing labor agreements. Spend less time dealing with vacation bidding and posting bulletins.


Excellent managers lean on systems that work. There is no better way to ensure high levels of professionalism from train, engine and yard employees than Qualification’s ongoing personalized evaluations, feedback and coaching.

Manage certification and recertification of licensed employee’s and track and store employee field tests.  All of Qualification’s functionality can tie in with existing back office systems making this a turn-key solution for your employees event driven development.

Solutions that stand alone but also play-nice with each other. 


We have observed significant operational improvements as a result of the quality and quantity of information delivered to the hotels about incoming and outgoing railroad traffic. Accuracy and ease of operation have been outstanding.

Evelyn Speck
Vice President
Lodging Enterprises, LLC

Get more for your traveling crews – for less.

Railroad crews have unique schedules and needs. The PST Hotel system leverages that need and volume for more cost effective accommodations. Hotel integrates with lodging providers so they know you’re coming and staff accordingly.  It lets you control stays, eliminate wait times and manage costs better.

Hotel also communicates important info to lodging staff about undisturbed rest for off-duty crew and more. To utilize this, all you need is a Web connection.

Don’t hope for a good deal with a third party. Get it yourself, automatically. 


Skip the phone calls. Skip the additional expenses.

Van replaces old and outdated van/limo ordering systems and processes with simple, web-based functionality that does not require a phone call. As a manager, to utilize Van, all you need is a Web connection.

VanMan reduces the time that crews are held for transportation and collects accurate van trip and expense data. Van also allows you to easily monitor vendor performance and reduce cost.

Eliminate third party accounting services and costs. 


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