Ferromex Implements PST Software Update

Ferromex@0,75xIn 2012, Ferromex implemented the Total Car Management manual car application. At the time, the goal was to work toward the future engagement of the automatic assignment application that is known as Car Flow Manager.

This was accomplished in December of 2015 by installing and running the application for the first time on-site in Guadalajara, Mexico. Car Flow Manager, a component of our Train Solution, allows users to make real-time car assignments based on empty car status, commodity, and equipment type.

The CFM Application provides the ability to automatically assign empty cars to open demands/orders thus showing a cost savings by assigning the right car at the right time for the right customer.

We would like to give a shout out to the PST members who partook in this project:

  • Shaun Beck (Project Manager)
  • Prasanth Panikkasseril (Solutions Architect)
  • Francisco Monarrez (Account Manager)
  • Victor Trejo (Application Integration Engineer)
  • Jose Vigil (Architect)

We would also like to recognize our international partners at Ferromex

  • Armando Alvarez (Manager)
  • Gerardo Palafox (Project Manager)
  • Oscar Saldivar (Architect)
  • Miguel Tapia (SICOTRA expert)
  • Paco Gonzalez (Subject matter expert)

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