Locomotive Management

Manage your entire fleet of locomotives across any sized rail network.

Locomotive Management carries an extensive collection of applications that allow railroads to better manage Locomotive Defects, Locomotive Plans, and Locomotive Health. Better prepare locomotive shops to manage work plans and inventory.


Visualize what’s needed.

Enables every train to run with a clear and concise plan. Any web enabled device can communicate a pictorially represented plan that represents the number of locomotives needed, the consist build up characteristics, and what type of features each candidate locomotive should have (e.g. model, horsepower, DPU, etc.).

PowerPlan can tie into other PST solutions.


Prevent wasted fuel dollars.

Provides locomotive shutdown and isolation recommendations at each crew on duty point based on horsepower demand per trip.  This tool greatly increases fuel conservation and locomotive utilization.

Utilized by The Union Pacific Railroad, recommendations have a projected savings of 24,000 gallons of diesel fuel a day, or 75,000 USD a day based on a diesel fuel price of 3.16 USD/gal.

FuelSave can integrate into other PST solutions.


Tame foreign carriers.

Be pro-active in foreign locomotive allocation and utilization.

Make cost effective decisions in foreign locomotive utilization based on surplus/deficit fuel/horsepower hour balances between foreign carriers.

ForeignVue can plug into into other PST solutions.


Real-time control including location by visual maps.

Determine motive power supply and demand on a network and terminal basis, demand being defined as the number of locomotives necessary to run all the trains leaving that terminal and supply being all the locomotives that are at or detained to the terminal subject to your business rules.

Individual locomotive dispositions can be pushed or pulled to a customizable set of employees via any web enabled device. Mechanical work plans are created long before the locomotive actually arrives at the terminal. Automatic creation of labor plans prior to arrival which significantly reduces locomotive dwell time.

PowerForecast can tie into other PST solutions.

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