Louisville Rides for Wellness and Environmental Awareness


Front row, left to right: Sunil Yerra, Sarah McCullar, Margaret Wilshek, Raj Dhandapani, Vamsi Pilli, Nitin Somani                                        Back Row, left to right: Mouli Desabuttula, Jerry Kuker, Mike Overstreet, Mark Ingle, Alex Kampert, Tim Johnson, Balaji Ragu, Jennifer Janezic

Rallied by PST’s very own Tim Johnson, 18 members from our Louisville office took part in Colorado’s annual Bike to Work Day.

According to the official Bike to Work Day website, this event was built on the simple Colorado tradition of biking to work.  The City of Boulder first celebrated Bike to Work Day more than 25 years ago. Eventually, over the years, the Denver Regional Council of Governments began helping the area’s cities and counties link their individual events together. Bike to Work Day is celebrated in many communities along the Front Range and in the mountains.

While the rest of the country partakes in Bike to Work Day during the month of May, Colorado’s unpredictable weather has forced this event to take place on the fourth Wednesday of June.

Part of the event’s mission statement informs interested participants that the event is meant to serve as a catalyst for them to use this alternative form of transportation to reduce traffic problems and to improve the area’s air quality. And while the environment is one of the primary beneficiaries from this event, participants have a lot to gain from this experience as well.

Those who ride their bikes to work not only help improve air quality for everyone, but also allows them to stay fit and save money on gas and car-related expenses.

Some of the other benefits include starting the day energized and refreshed, and also avoiding the stress of rush hour traffic both before and after a regular workday.


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News feed featured photo: Left to right: Raj Dhandapani, Quaine Day, Nitin Somani, Tim Johnson, Jerry Kuker, Jennifer Janezic, Sarah McCullar, Terry Buddingh, Margaret Wilshek, Alex Kampert, Mark Ingle, Mike Overstreet ( orange shirt) Vamsi Pilli, Mouli Desbuttula


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