PS Technology Employee creates user interface in record time

PS Technology’s Victor Trejo became November’s Employee of the Month receiving the Carpe Diem Award.

During the month of September through October, Victor collaborated with the Ferromex transportation management system, SICOTRA, to create a new User Interface as well as all of the necessary integration in less than one week.

Victor’s new interface between SICOTRA and SICOP.

Award-600x899_2Through this team effort, he was able to assist with the necessary changes to integrate the work of changes made to the TMI project. Victor helped troubleshoot issues with coding and database design from a customer’s legacy system, while simultaneously assisting others with project deployments and helping with issues from other Master Files changes.

The Carpe Diem Award is given once a month to a member of the team who goes above and beyond the set expectations and responsibilities. Individuals are nominated by their peers and are selected on the basis of making the following contributions:

  • Make suggestions that improve the work environment, process, or budget.
  • Make a special contribution in a volunteer assignment.
  • Provide help or a service to others that are beyond assigned responsibilities.
  • Contribute to the success of another team’s project.
  • Perform an assigned responsibility at an exceptional level.

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