PS Technology Employees Begin New Chapter in Carpe Diem History

January 5th, 2016

Kyle Reestman (Left) and Nate Hotz (Right)

Award-600x899_2For the first time in Carpe Diem history, the monthly award was given to two individuals in the SICOP team to recognize their outstanding efforts.

The Carpe Diem award for December 2015 was awarded to Kyle Reestman and Nate Hotz.  To ensure the delivery of the Terminal project for SICOP software, both individuals demonstrated their levels of determination in customer satisfaction.

The dynamic duo spent many hours and weekends working to complete a variety of tasks before the final software delivery to Ferromex. Some of these tasks included

  • Building the Terminal project SICOP software and all the related dependencies and components necessary
  • Deploying TMI remotely to the FXE system
  • Working with FXE to remotely troubleshoot a JAR problem during the installation
  • Help install CFM during a production visit at FXE on December 7th

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