PS Technology: In It For The Long Run

On May 15th, 2016,  members of our Louisville office assembled themselves to tour the city of  Denver as part of the annual Colfax Marathon Relay.

According to Runner’s World, the Colfax Marathon has now grown to be known as one of the best marathons to run,especially for first-timers. The website briefly describes the sights seen along the 26.2 mile course:

Left to right: Jennifer Janezic, Eric Orton, Jerry Kuker, Margaret Wilshek, Amanda Kuker (Jerry’s daughter), Zorana P. (Amanda’s friend), Tim Johnson, Terri Talkington. Not Pictured: Mark Ashbrook and Mike Overstreet

“Between miles three and four, the course passes through a fire station, where firefighters and police officers cheer runners. A few miles later, you’ll enter Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos, where you’ll run along the perimeter of the field and see yourself on the JumboTron. (If you forget to look up, no worries: You’ll go through the stadium again between miles 20 and 21.) Enjoy views of the mountains and downtown Denver as you circle 177-acre Sloan’s Lake, then pass through the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design campus and by Casa Bonita (a Mexican restaurant that South Park made famous) in the second half.”

Now a three-year tradition organized by Senior Project Engineer, Jerry Kuker,  two teams set out to break time records from previous years.

In the spirit of good fun, the teams were split into two categories: The Old Tigers vs. The Young Lions and Lionesses.

Although the Colfax Marathon wasn’t created to support a specific cause, our our team members use this opportunity to promote healthy living and overall wellness through exercise. The marathon is also used to encourage teamwork and support through active communication.

Setting a record time of 4 hours and 13 minutes, the Old Tigers took home the victory over the Young Lions and Lionesses.

Eric Orton

Terri Talkington

Mike Overtreet

Mark Ashbrook

Jerry Kuker


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