PST Student Team Pushes Forefront of Training Technology

Left to right: William Norman, Michael Aughton, Sam Berndt, Grant King, and Mitch Leinbach

Over the course of the 2016 spring semester, PS Technology sponsored a group of individuals participating in Michigan State Univerity’s Capstone Experience and is designed to give students experience building software projects for corporate clients.  The PST student team was tasked with designing and developing a virtual reality training application which could allow users to learn the details of dangerous equipment in the safety of a classroom.

The capstone team was composed by William Norman, Perry, Michigan, Michael Aughton, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Sam Berndt, Rockford, Michigan, Grant King, Muskegon, Michigan and Mitch Leinbach, Westland, Michigan.

The Capstone Experience wraps up the semester with Design Day. During this day-long event, teams compete for four different awards through presenting their findings and creations.

The solution created by the students, the Oculus Rift Inspection and Training Tool, provides an immersive experience while allowing trainees to work with dangerous equipment in a safe environment.   Key features include Free View and Guided Lessons.  Free View allows users to explore a 3D model of equipment, as well as ‘explode’ the model to explore its sub-components.  Guided Lessons allow an instructor to create a lesson or quiz inside the app itself.

Throughout the semester, the students are responsible for all stages of the development cycle.  From the project plan and system architecture to development and the final presentation, the students worked tirelessly to ensure everything was ready for Design Day. One of the components required for Design Day is a project video, explaining the motivation behind the project and providing an overview of all features.

The PST student team went above and beyond performing user-testing and providing feature recommendations including combining the lesson and quiz modes. Weekly status calls with the team PST team in Okemos, MI help ensure that the design meets the requirements.

On April 29th, 2016, the panel of judges, composed of leaders in industry and academia, awarded the PST team the MSU Federal Credit Union Praxis Award.  The Praxis Award represents putting theoretical knowledge into practice is given to the team with the most technically challenging software system.

Through partnering the MSU Capstone Experience, PST continues to push the edge of training technologies, testing new ideas to create the safest, most immersive training experience possible.


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