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Our Solutions are Platform and Software Agnostic, so You Can
Communicate Anywhere, Anytime, Between Anything 

Proven. Tested. Used.

Our messaging and connectivity solutions have been created and produced by experts in the rail business. That means no bloat-ware. Just solutions that have a positive impact on the bottom line starting right-now.


Business messaging for the real-world.

  • Eliminate expensive transformation hardware, software and maintenance
  • Exchange/translate messages in real-time in any format
  • Access stored messages

The powerful ability to exchange messages in any format or protocol in real-time eliminates delays and expense. Add the fact that all data is securely encrypted guarantees fast, safe and improved decision making across the entire business spectrum.


Smart purchase orders and invoicing.

  • Simple internet connectivity is all that’s required
  • Three levels of access
  • Positive control and tracking of paperwork – without the paperwork.

The Online Rail Industry Supply System (ORISS) was developed by purchasing executives from each of the major railroads who came together for a right-sized solution. This industry experience and needs-awareness has created a system that reduces transaction cost, ensures faster payment, automates manual transactions and eliminates errors.

So smart and so economical that processing as little as 2-3 orders per month covers it’s subscription cost.


Modern, mobile and hyper-efficient.

  • HR Info, Addresses, Email and Phone views
  • Employee Assignment view
  • Employee Qualification view
  • Employee Senority view and more…

Our Enterprise Mobile Application for iOS or Android allows you to mobilize and virtualize your company’s current crew management, HR, and workflow applications, as well as simplify broadcast messaging.

Leap-frog other systems and technologies and bring modern business functions to your operation immediately.

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