The Business Mercenary

There is a certain luxury that comes from simply striving to be the best at what you do. We were recently feature in The Enterprise Project/Harvard Review Analytics ( for making fundamental differences to the bottom and top line of railroad operations.

So what is this luxury I’m speaking of? It’s the license to be dispassionately driven by performance and outcome. Every organization is a political environment. But when you create solutions and innovate in a data driven and incessantly analyzed industry, the deciding factor of adoption tends to be hard numbers. This lets us move freely through organizations with critical eyes on success factors. That is a luxury borne of continued success.

It liberates business analysts to ask tough questions. Finding a better way becomes normative behavior. Growing our own company’s revenue by helping our customers do the same is a beneficial, symbiotic relationship which engenders trust and an expectation of excellence. When your own people want to succeed and get better, it’s tough to stop them.

It even makes the meetings worthwhile.

That is an environment worth working in. Making a difference, not just for business success, but in the bigger picture supporting enterprise level businesses which are the backbone of a successful country and quality of life. At the end of the day, we help people live better, work better, and thrive better.

It makes going to sleep at night very easy.



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