Tip of the Spear

Keeping a clear, corporate vision, is a difficult thing to consistently maintain. Not just from the C-Suite level, but at the director, manager and worker level as well. Regardless of the business, the most common corporate vision typically revolves around helping people.

How do you keep the clarity and focus? Is there a good, ready-to-use tool?

An excellent resource is the humble, customer service department. These are the people, whether following a problem solving script or working creatively with the customer using their deep product or systems knowledge, to discover where and when a business isn’t helping people. They are the tip of the spear for a problem solving genesis.

Everyday sees more integration of process, analytics and diagnostics, making service satisfaction, or lack of it, easier to gauge. But the best tool is the ear. Customer service people experience that frustration of the customer and help fix it. They are also a huge window into a world that becomes very distant, very quickly, as priorities are assigned at the corporate levels. It’s a totally natural loss of insight. But, it’s unfortunate as well.

We’ve found the time-keeping, crew management and simulation needs, to be a tough but rewarding area to keep people happy in. It’s a constant cycle of improvement that comes down to a simple question, “Would you recommend us?”

Customer service can come in the form of a carefully listening Business Analyst, a President, or somebody that answers the phone with, “How may I help you?” Approached this way, everybody is in customer service. But, only if they are made aware of it, as a core function of the company expectation.

An organization that get’s poked by it’s own spear occasionally, is typically one that keeps customers happy, too. Then collectively, the company becomes a warrior for client satisfaction.

There isn’t a customer in the world that doesn’t want an army of support behind them.


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