Transit Roundtable Held in New York City

Seenu Chundru presents CrewPro

Modular and scalable software modernization for Transit lines was presented by PST’s Sr. VP of Product Management, Seenu Chundru.

On April 19th, 2016, PST hosted a conference in New York City with SEPTA, LIRR, MNR, NJT and METRA, their transit crew management clients.

With the exception of last year, PST has held the Round Table annually for vital information exchange and preview of technology modernization.

The Round Table was made up of two agendas: one for crew management attendees and another for Drug and Alcohol program managers and IT support.

The CMS agenda, a five-hour program, included:

  • An introduction to the proposed PST CrewPro Transit crew management system,
  • Discussion on the benefits of archived data mining,
  • A demonstration of the SEPTA employee vacation web portal,
  • Discussion on work flow challenges at the transits and how PST might help, and
  • The PST reorganization and how it will benefit clients.
Transit Roundtable Attendees

Transit Roundtable attendees Suzanne Parke, Alex Wyrwas and Jim D’Amario.

D&A participants engaged in a two-hour interactive session with Q&A to observe a demonstration of PST’s CrewWatch software system and related discussion.

The Roundtable format was selected to make sure attendees had the greatest ability to attend the event as well as participate and have their questions answered. This format creates a unique opportunity for Transit managers to share common issues and needs.



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