CAMS – Crew Attendance Management System

CAMS - Crew Attendance Management System


CAMS™ provides an unparalleled ability to manage railroad crew attendance. Filled with common sense tools and solid business processes, CAMS is an indispensable addition to modern crew management.

Intelligent and proven business processes are at the core of CAMS. Keeping your business beyond reproach while also ensuring employees are managed completely fairly is the primary goal.

Plus, CAMS is mobile-enabled for field training exercises and results recordkeeping.

Crew Attendance Management System Integrates with your systems

CAMS lives at the intersection of labor and business requirements. This automation eliminates errors and enhances employee performance.

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CAMS Users Can Expect These Benefits

Objective & Standardized Process – The equal and fair application of rules is essential for effective attendance management.

Employee Visibility – Employees can manage and control their own attendance. Self driven responsibility removes unnecessary email and phone conversations.

Increases Employee Availability – Once employee’s have visibility and responsibility over their attendance status, Behavioral changes take place which increases availability.

Historical Data Stored Internally – In cases that progress to arbitration, there is a complete time line and documentation trail available for review.

Simple Reporting and Data Analysis – The ability  to quickly find and produce custom reports creates faster inquiry turn around and better reports.

Configurable Points Structure – Since CAMS can be configured by the business, supporting multiple agreements is not a problem.

•• Railroad opearations managers will also like that CAMS integrates with our CrewPro, our crew management and scheduling system.••

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