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CrewPro in 60 seconds - a benefit and usage overview

CrewPro railroad crew management and rail crew scheduling provides real-time crew supply and demand matching, diminishes employee qualification information upkeep, minimizes vacation bidding time, ensures Guarantee Payments are awarded correctly, and allows for simplified travel accommodation scheduling.


CrewPro for Rail is a right-sized solution.

The industry standard in railroad crew management solutions and software is getting even better.

Thirty years of deep railroad knowledge and processes merged with online accessibility is the hallmark of this software modernization for the Railroad industry. There is a reason 6 out of 7 Class 1 railroads have used our railroad Crew Management software. Now there are even more reasons to use it moving forward.

We’re working with Norfolk Southern on CrewPro. Learn more here.

Modern Interface

CrewPro will make your life better by gracefully, automatically rearranging it’s layout to your individual screen using the latest in responsive design. Seems like a little thing. But, a little thing repeated often enough is a big thing.


You get smart, interconnected options that can be set up just the way you like them. Reduce how many times you click, field labels, where you find content, or even the cosmetics if you have different offices or railroads in your operation.


CrewPro Short Line has the basics common to every rail line. CrewPro Freight has more options that can be added if you want one of them, or all of them. CrewPro Transit has some unique options needed in that service area. Bottom line, take only what you need.


We built the tool. You become the craftsman.

The days of massive software integration are over. You get our proven, deep rail knowledge, embedded in CrewPro crew management in a completely self-customizable format. Automatic connectivity and relational information is pre-built to talk back and forth.

  • Need to flow vacations through the system and automatically shuffle seniority workers to the top? No problem.
  • Need to prioritize crews based on training completion? Got it covered.
  • Want to save money with preferred hotel and van services for away crews. Yep, it does that.
  • Can I label fields, show fields, hide fields all based on credentials I set up? Yes, easily.
  • Will this help ensure Guarantee Payments are awarded correctly? You bet.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

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Intelligent connections and layouts.


New Screens – Modern interfaces now scale and reflow to match the monitors they are displayed on.

Any Info, Anywhere – Smart disclosures mean that users can find out almost anything they need to know without ever leaving the screen they are on. This eliminates the back-and-forth to different screens, accelerating work.

Automatic Data – New users or experienced users experience greater ease and speed thanks to automatic data connections which logically flow information to next steps.

Smart Searches – Search windows rapidly narrow down choices by displaying only choices that use the entered text. Finding individual workers and their records has never been faster.

Extensible Code – CrewPro is Database agnostic and extensible. It can be installed on any database system and will remain viable for years due to a modern, updatable codebase.



Add only what you need.

You may already have some solutions in place that you really like. And we may have a duplicate solution available in CrewPro. Not a problem.

You don’t need to replace something that isn’t broken.

CrewPro has been designed in a very modular fashion, enabling railroads to select only the parts they need. It’s the right thing to do.

All components of CrewPro have been designed to ‘talk’ to each other. So, if a railroad does decide to not use a particular module, that’s ok. But there may be some integration costs to get the existing solution to talk to CrewPro. We just wanted to be up front about that.


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