Distributed Power Training and Simulation

Distributed Power locomotive training and simulation

Clear instruction, animation, and realistic integrated simulation to thoroughly teach and then practice distributed locomotive power handling.

Protecting engineers operating long trains with dynamic in-train forces can now be done with realistic simulation and world-class training materials.

The in-train forces of long trains are invisible. But they aren’t insignificant. Incorrectly managed power and terrain awareness can easily result in either break-in-twos or derailments. The PST DistributedPower™ guided learning takes away the mystery and quickly brings engineers up to speed.

Eliminate Guesswork

Perfect practice makes perfect. Train your engineers in the best methods and then practice them.

PST’s DistributedPower™ Training utilizes its incredibly accurate physics simulation engine which calculates forces down to the individual rail truck during the training. This simulation fidelity allows engineers to safely learn the actual operation of long trains over rolling terrain without any real-world consequences. Download more information.

Asynchronous Power Application when cresting with distributed locomotive power

They said it:

Clearly Explained Concepts

Lesson Excerpt

Democast with Dan Bostek from Norfolk Southern

Re-enforced Learning


  • 5 Modules to thoroughly cover all aspects of DP operation 
  • Class I derived curriculum and best practices
  • Knowledge checks after each concept is introduced
  • Variety of presentation and testing formats
  • Final quizzing for each module 
  • Capability for Learning Management System (LMS) integration


  • Keeps students engaged 
  • Students can proceed at their own pace, but can’t skip ahead without demonstrating knowledge achieved
  • Automatic record-keeping

Animated Concepts


  • Clear, understandable  depictions of complex operations and forces such as asynchronous power and End of Train Cushion Couplers
  • Can easily be stopped or replayed to maximize students ability to learn


  • Visual and audio re-enforce and highlight important information that can easily be overlooked 
  • Professionally created animations enable clear learning and understanding without visual clutter or reliance on static imagery

Realistic Simulation Practice 


  • A virtual instructor helps engineer practice what they’ve just learned
  • Detailed train physics working behind the scenes to reproduce realistic in-train forces
  • Scenarios for all critical engineer operations such as: 
    • Establishing DP Link
    • Fencing
    • Brake Test
    • Bump Test
    • Starting & stopping on up-grades, down-grades, and crested hills


  • Improved safety
  • No locomotive equipment costs or OJT needed
  • In addition to classroom knowledge, adds muscle memory for processes

Get more information or schedule a demonstration. This is the training railroads have been waiting for.

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