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Icehouse rail technology repair services

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Mobile NX 5700 Dual Head

Field/Mobile Tech

Mobile and portable NX series equipment, Cab Signal Master Tester, Speed-O-Cal Tester, Single Car Air Brake Tester

DPS End of Train (EOT) unit

On-Board Tech

Telemetry Devices (EOTs, FOTs, Mid-train repeaters), PTC Components (Centralized communication hub, PTC locomotive radios, power filter/shedders), Ballast Control Boxes, Cab Image Cameras, and Locomotive Voice Radios.

PTC Base Station Radio Trackside

Trackside Tech

A wide array of AEI, ATCS, MDS SD9, PTC Base and Wayside radios, Wayside Messaging Servers, Repeaters and Remote Control Locomotive equipment.

Satisfaction Rate
Average cycle on critical repairs vs. 5-9 months for OEMs.
Specializing in more than 35 types of critical rail tech devices.
Up to 300% savings. Benchmarked repair rates that are significantly less than OEMs.
Certified Ritron Repair Facility


Ritron Repair Facility

Field/Mobile Tech
  • Kenwood Radios
  • Mobile NX 5700 Dual Head
  • Mobile NX700
  • Mobile NX700 Control Head
  • Mobile NX700B
  • Mobile NX700TM
  • Mobile NXR710 Base
  • Mobile Suitcase Radio
  • Portable NX 210G
  • Cab Signal Master Tester
  • Speed-O-Cal Tester
  • Single Car Air Brake Tester
On-Board Tech
  • Ballast Control Box
  • Cab Image Camera
  • Central Communication Hub
  • EOT/FOT Repeater (quantum)
  • FOT 2 Way (stand alone)
  • FOT DPS 3030-I-Mag
  • FOT LSI (Wabtec)
  • Nexterna CC LVR
  • NG EOT
  • NG4 EOT
  • Power Filter
  • Power Shedder
  • PTC Locomotive Radio
Trackside Tech
  • AEI T2000
  • ATCS Equipment (MCP/BCP)
  • MDS SD9 Master
  • MDS SD9-P70 (remote)
  • PTC Base Radios
  • PTC Wayside Radio
  • PTC Wayside Messaging Server
  • Repeater DPS 4040
  • RCL

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