About PST – the Background

Committed, Accountable, Experienced

For nearly three decades, PS Technology has provided cutting edge software-based business solutions helping companies in the transportation, construction, mining, infrastructure and energy industries better manage people and assets.

We are committed to delivering significant and measurable returns to our clients and partners. For three decades, we have improved the processes and systems surrounding crew management, timekeeping and physics based simulation solutions with integrity and a desire to create value. Our asset management systems power the largest railroads in North America and Canada. Our crew management and timekeeping solutions have been used to manage the day-to-day operations of over 100,000 employees, that run, maintain, and support rail operations across more than 120,000 miles of rail. Our physics based simulation solutions not only provide a premium learning environment, but analyze and optimize power utilization.

  • Rail accident and incident reporting are faster, cheaper, and more accurate when using automation. #railroads… https://t.co/q3oUXtsTAO
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