QualPro Qualification Management

QualPro Qualification Management

QualPro Railroad Qualification Management for railroadsQualPro is a suite of connected modules for railroad crew qualification management – at an enterprise level.  Each module has been built to increase a workforce’s compliance with safety standards, speed up processes, and drive down costs. It is a trusted tool of both large and mid-sized railroads for bringing a level of precision and predictable automation to qualification management.

The  five modules are:

  • Work Queue
  • Assignment
  • Licensing
  • Field Training
  • Certification Qualification and Familiarization (CQF)

Work Queue Module

Work Queue tracks employee certification and license development and alerts managers if any action for follow up is required. This automated process replaces the manual processes in which managers run multiple reports trying to figure what they and each of their employees needs to be working on.

Assignment Module

This manages the employee-to-manager relationship. The system automatically toggles the employee’s assignment to the primary or secondary manager based on working position and conveniently allows management to balance TEY employee assignments within their managers.

Licensing Module

Licensing manages the certification/recertification of licensed employees. The system tracks all of the internal and FRA requirements and the ability for the licensing department to certify employee, prints license on plastic card and tracks mailing of the license.

Field Training Evaluations

Evaluations start by taking a smart phone picture to record the employee’s badge. Then, this records field training and ride along evaluations. The system automatically presents the manager with skills under which the employee can be evaluated based on the employee’s working position. It provides the manager with an indication, at the time of evaluation, if the employee had any coaching/hearing on a particular test or rule.

Certification Qualification and Familiarization (CQF)

The CQF database tracks train, engine, and yard employees’ territorial qualifications pursuant to FRA approved certification programs and instructions. CQF pulls information directly from individual employees certified FRA tie-up which is entered into the crew management system.  Records are updated daily and displayed on a user-friendly dashboard, so employee managers and crew callers can determine whether an employee is qualified to perform service over the track segments of the trip called for to facilitate any territory familiarization training needs which may arise. CQF is comprised of 5 functions:

  • Dashboard – Contains employee’s territorial exams, familiarization status based on employee’s current board assignment or a user selected assignment.
  • Qualification
  • Planning
  • Feedback
  • Tracking and Reports

QualPro and Crew Management

IntegrationQualPro brings automated control and regulation to some of the most important aspects of railroading.

Can QualPro be Supercharged?

Yes. When QualPro is integrated with our CrewPro™ crew management solution, railroads experience an unprecedented increase in efficiency, safety and cost savings.

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