Savage Enhances Rail Training and Qualification Management with New Technology Additions

Louisville, CO, February 19, 2020 — PS Technology (PST) is pleased to announce that global transportation and logistics provider Savage has adopted PST’s QualPro™ system for its railroad crew qualification management. QualPro is a suite of connected modules helping railroads and rail operators speed up processes, improve safety and drive down costs. Savage is also adding PST locomotive and remote-control simulators to its training program to continue improving safety and operations performance.

Savage Services: Transportation · Logistics · Materials Handling · Industrial ServicesArmando Tirado, Vice President & Industrial Rail Unit Leader for Savage explains, “As a critical logistics partner, we’re continuously improving to add value for our Customers and ensure safety for our team members. We identified opportunities for enhancing our engineer and conductor training along with qualification and testing management by using PST’s simulators and QualPro modules, and we’re excited to implement these technologies as part of our comprehensive training program.”

While QualPro has five distinct modules, the Field Training module was the most important for Savage. The Field Training and Certification modules also have mobile components for utilization in the field during designated exercises and testing. Additionally, Savage added two full-size locomotive simulators plus a Remote Control Operator (RCO) simulation unit that allows conductors to digitally control yard locomotives from outside the cab.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with such a well-respected leader in the logistics arena,” says PST President Seenu Chundru. “Savage immediately saw the benefits and implications of using a modern qualification management system. We stay in constant contact with our users and are looking forward to seeing Savage quickly get a return on its investment.”

For more information about QualPro, please visit this link. 

The press release can be accessed here:


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