New Hires

Additions to the team.

Welcome Aboard, Justin!

Welcome Aboard! Name: Justin Snyder Alumni from: University of Nebraska Lincoln - Undergrad University of Nebraska Omaha - MBA Job Title: Senior Vice President of Product Development Team: Product Development What he does: Lead the Product Development Organization Hobbies: Coaching his kids' sports teams Secret Talents: Pretty good at connecting with little...

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Welcome Aboard, Alex!

Welcome Aboard! Name: Alex Daly Alumni from: Iowa State University Job Title: Associate Application Developer Team: Transentric What he does: Develop and support Agilink, Gateway Connect, ORISS, Vanguard and HMS. Hobbies: Video games, Programming, Netflix, Running, Ultimate Frisbee, Golf Secret Talents: Can naturalle bend his thumbs backwards in a 45...

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Welcome Aboard, Sara!

Welcome Aboard! Name: Sara Atkins Alumni from: University of Nebraska at Omaha Job Title: Marketing Communications Analyst Team: Marketing and Sales What she does: Marketing and Strategic Initiatives Hobbies: Swing and ballroom dancing, Photography, Mentoring Secret Talents: Easily mistaken for Moana by little children Harry Potter house she would be sorted into: Ravenclaw If she...

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