AIRS: Accident Incident Reporting System

AIRS: Accident Incident Reporting System

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  • Maintain regulatory compliance and reporting.

  • Have an efficient process to track and report accidents in a timely manner.

  • Identify reportable incident rates.

The Accident Incident Reporting System (AIRS) has been designed for the report of Land & Property (LDP), crossing incidents, and work accidents/incidents that result in the death of or personal injury to one or more persons. The term “persons” refers to employees on duty, employees off duty but on company property, licensees, invitees, pedestrians, travelers on highways, travelers on grade crossings, trespassers, contractors, and others as defined in the Injured Person Information Field Descriptions.

Key Features of AIRS

  • Designed to capture incident details for FRA reporting.
  • Different incident types for personal injuries, grade crossings, rail equipment, vehicle collisions, and close calls.
  • Data is used by analytics teams to generate reports, incident rates, and predictive analytics.
  • Stores FRA Forms and other documents related to each incident.
  • Provides security, auditing, and change logs.
  • Supports monthly FRA reporting processes.
  • Can be integrated with your existing Drug & Alcohol system, or PST’s CrewWatch

Benefits of AIRS

  • Minimize issues with FRA reporting and improve regulatory compliance.
  • Integrated processes to streamline capturing incident details.
  • Incident visibility to improve overall operating safety.
  • Auditing reports to ensure
    data integrity.
  • Exceeds regulatory requirements capturing incident details that are utilized to improve our overall safety.
  • Supports “Close-call” reporting.

AIRS can interface with your Drug and Alcohol system or with PST’s CrewWatch D&A application.

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Forms Produced Automatically

Remarkable Time Savings

The AIRS application generates FRA documents based on the incident type

Form 20816 Manager’s Report

Personal Injury
FRA Reports
FRA FORM F 6180.98
FRA FORM F 6180.150
FRA FORM F 6180.55A

Grade Crossing FRA Reports
FRA FORM F 6180.57

Rail Equipment
FRA FORM F 6180.97
FRA FORM F 6180.78
FRA FORM F 6180.54
FRA FORM F 6180.81
HF Cover Letter
HF Retraction Letter

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