PST Technology Services for the Rail Industry

World-Class Railroad technologists and scrum-as-a-service for managing legacy applications and systems or custom development, short-term programming engagements, cybersecurity assessments, and security plan execution.
Railroad technology and scrum-as-a-service for managing legacy applications and systems, short term programming engagements and cybersecurity assessments and security plan execution


Things might be changing at your railroad. You may want to:

  • Migrate your on-prem data to AWS or Azure for use with new applications
  • Create a data lake from multiple data sources for cohesive reporting and analysis
  • Add new features to existing legacy applications

These are just a few of the things PST is doing for multiple railroads. With PST you get the benefit of technologists that know the ins and outs of rail, technology, and business.


This is one of our most popular services. Fixed story points, fixed price, short-term engagement.

What can we do for you?

Use somebody that understands Rail

The tech needs of rail are as unique as each railroad that uses it. There are no two railroads that are the same.

PST understands this fact. Intimately.

We can leverage our expertise to meet your changing business needs. What are you looking for:


  • Cybersecurity and TSA Compliance

Data Analysis

  • Event Recorder Analyzer as a Service
  • Data Analytics and Dashboard Creation
  • Analytics Development: Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive

Business Optimization

  • Scrum-as-a-Service (most popular)
  • Data Lake Creation
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Application Maintenance
  • Technology and Network Upgrade Paths/Design
  • System Upkeep
  • Custom Coding
  • SAP™, Oracle™, Azure™ Integration
  • Technology Selection SMEs
  • ERP selection and integration
  • Business Process Consulting for Rail

We will save you time, money, and splitting headaches. We keep railroads moving with installed solutions and consulting all across North America and Australia.

PST thinks like a railroad and integrates with services railroads use. What are you dealing with? Chances are, we know precisely how to handle it.


Abhi Bhan, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Abhi Bhan, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales

PST SVP Abhi Bhan speaks with Railway Age Editor-in-Chief, William Vantuono about rail technology transformations here. 




Watch a webinar about the common tech mistakes railroads can learn from.

PST SVP Abhi Bhan speaks with Railway Age’s Editor in Chief, William Vantuono about avoiding common pitfalls that he’s seen other businesses and industries make.

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