PST Leadership


Seenu Chundru

Chief Executive Officer and President

Seenu is a leader known for crafting strategic visions to achieve business goals. With decades of Information Technology experience, he has a unique blend of effective leadership, solution architecture, and global team building. Prior to joining PS Technology in January of 2012, he led teams that provided cutting-edge technical solutions to a multitude of business problems in various areas at Union Pacific Railroad.


Justin Snyder

Senior Vice President – Product Development

Justin has two decades of experience in information technology in the transportation sector.  Many of those years were spent on the development, implementation, and support of ERP systems for HR, Payroll, Timekeeping, Finance, Procurement, and Asset Management.  Prior to joining PST, Justin led multiple development teams on large-scale projects and implementations for Union Pacific Railroad. In order to solve business problems and gain significant operational efficiencies, Justin and his teams consistently focused on using cutting technologies to maximize long-term ROI.

Jeff Huntington, Vice President Product Development

Jeff Huntington

Vice President – Product Development

Jeff has over 20 years of experience leading and building high-performing application development organizations in the transportation and financial industries.  His experience in guiding development efforts and supporting systems for yard automation, intermodal operations, safety, and crew systems has resulted in noticeable improvements on all projects he’s worked on.  Prior to joining PST, Jeff spearheaded development teams implementing enterprise systems at Union Pacific.  Jeff’s focus is on utilizing process improvements and technology solutions to solve complex business and logistics problems.


Jon Jensen

Vice President – Sales and Business Development

Jon has over 25 years of experience in Operations and Sales Management, Marketing, Administration, Information Technology, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Distribution in various industries. Jon began his career in manufacturing, where he ran both manufacturing and large distribution facilities. Before joining PS Technology in July of 2010, Jon worked for Union Pacific Railroad for over 13 years where he leads different IT, Sales, and Marketing Teams.

Jeanne Petty, Assistant Vice President of Product Management

Jeanne Petty

Assistant Vice President – Product Management

Jeanne has over 12 years of experience in user experience, automotive manufacturing, logistics, and analytics. She began her career in automotive where she designed HMI screens for robot control stations at assembly plants in Mexico and provided Spanish translation services.

Before joining PS Technology in March 2021, Jeanne worked for Union Pacific Railroad for over 8 years where she led the user experience and analytics teams. Together they created solutions for business problems across the railroad such as locomotive shop management, customer onboarding, product management, dev-ops, transborder shipment management, volume forecasting, fuel efficiency improvements, and operations research.