What Other Say About Us

“We’re excited about the solution PS Technology has provided CSXT that allows our employees to learn in a risk free, challenging, and enjoyable environment.”

Dean Menefee
Director of Train Accident Prevention


“Union agreements, which are complex and can overwhelm even the most experienced crew office personnel, are a major part of our operations at New Jersey Transit. The increased functionality of PS Technology Inc.’s new Crew and Timekeeping Solution enables our crew dispatchers to provide better service across our expanding operations at the same level of expenditures within budget.”

Alex Baker
Director of Systems Development & Analysis for Rail Operations
New Jersey Transit

“We have observed significant operational improvements as a result of the quality and quantity of information delivered to the hotels about incoming and outgoing railroad traffic. Accuracy and ease of operation have been outstanding.”

Evelyn Speck
Lodging Enterprises, LLC

“The new mobility application for iTrakForce has been yet another great success with that product.” says Brad Stock, UP’s General Director of Payroll Operations, “ The new functionality allows our mobile workforce the opportunity to research open positions, place bids, track status, and verify their job qualifications all from their smart phone or tablet.  The application is easy to use and has been extremely well received by our employees.  It has helped us move forward in a mobile world.  We’re excited about the opportunities that this application will provide for us in the future to better serve our employees.”

Brad Stock
General Director of Payroll Operations
Union Pacific

Union Pacific Railroad

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