Event Recorder Analyzer for Railroad Incident Reconstruction

Putting Science Behind the Analysis

Derailment? Break-in-two?

Event Recorder Analyzer for railroads

E•R Analyzer™ exposes previously unknown in-train forces that have led to derailments. Once identified, those train placement practices can be changed, preventing similar derailments and related safety issues from happening again.

The ability to run the E•R Analyzer immediately following an event, coupled with getting results the same day, significantly enhances railroad safety.

Moving Quickly

We are progressing from diagnostic to predictive to prescriptive analysis. Seeing E•R Analyzer in action will give you hint of what the future might hold. How will a train will behave out in the real-world? That is an excellent question to ask.

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The E•R Analyzer™ Dashboard

  • Simple graphic information
  • Understandable for non-specialists
  • Standard and repeatable workflow
  • Quickly get meaningful insights

Put Science Behind the Analysis

E•R Analyzer eliminates traditional guesswork and what-if approaches replacing it with quality, data driven decisions about consist design.

User Experience...


No waiting for middle men or third party vendors to put your data into action. You enter your consist and track data, E•R Analyzer does the rest. And, you get results that even non-derailment specialist can use.


E•R Analyzer’s simple 3-step workflow means that non-technical users with access to the data can start the process. A short time later, you have the results you need to make intelligent decisions and corrective action.


Quickly understanding what happened means you can better control future outcomes. E•R Analyzer turns your data into actionable intelligence that saves money. Improving consist design is a start.

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Event Recorder Analyzer for railroads

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