AGILINK EDI Processing and Account conversion

Agilink – EDI and Network Services

Agilink gives you the ability to network and link with trading partners, regardless of the message format or message volume of sender to receiver. Messages are accepted in any format and transmitted over any protocol, from flat files, to EDI, to XML.

Benefits and Features

Save Time, Money and Resources

Key Benefits 

  • Removes communication and commerce barriers between multiple trading partners that have different messaging languages
  • Integrates with smart, real-world sensibilities and features – non-invasively
  • Reduces internal costs while boosting ROI
Agilink Messaging

Key Features 

  • Exchange and translate messages in real-time, to and from any format
  • Facilitate exchange of information between companies, no matter the individual level of EDI or e-Commerce sophistication
  • Reduce internal programming requirements and costs
  • Eliminate purchasing separate or expensive software to integrate with trading partners
  • Maximize existing e-Commerce ROI by enabling non-EDI suppliers’ and trading partners’ entry into existing trading community
  • Interconnect to all major Value Added Networks (VAN’s) such as Kleinschmidt or Sterling
  • Easily retrieve stored messages

Saving Time, Money and Resources 

Agilink manages your transactional data, including messages like:

  • Bills of lading
  • Purchase orders
  • Requisitions
  • Invoices
  • Location messages
  • Shipment information
  • ETA’s
  • Inventory levels

Non-invasive implementation

Agilink - seamless integrationAgilink works with your existing systems, with quick, non-invasive implementation, requiring no software installation or maintenance. It gives you the information you need to make quick management decisions and lets you stay focused on your core business instead of on-going data management and integration issues.

Agilink helps to alleviate distress within your business, and enables you to focus on your business’ core. Its innovative messaging connects you with your trading community by allowing transactional data to be exchanged with any partner in any format or protocol.


Agilink accepts all data formats including ANSI ASC X12, UN/EDIFACT, XML, flat files, proprietary formats, and other business application formats.

Receive and Deliver

  • Agilink offers a wide range of connectivity options for you as well as your trading partners.
  • Agilink makes it easier to do business with others.  Seamlessly convert one format to another.
  • Local or global, deliver data directly or through another network.
  • Deliveries can be real-time, event-driven, or scheduled transmissions.

Multiple Deliveries

Agilink enables you to send information to multiple receivers via multiple channels and in multiple formats.

Translation Services

Saving Money. Saving Time.

Data Translation 

  • Our hosted service allows customers to send data in any format, including X12, EDIFACT, XML, and proprietary formats and we translate the inbound file to the format required by those receiving it
  • We offer translation services of EDI from one version to another. Whatever formats the sender and/or receiver specifies
  • Each formatted translation is specific for each customer and transaction set

What does this all mean? 

  • Transentric replaces all translation software and its associated costs
  • Purchase, renewal, and maintenance costs are eliminated
  • No longer a need to create maps for various versions or standard formats
  • Testing periods are reduced
  • Adding partners is easier
  • Your company supports only your internal system

Connectivity Options

Transentric supports one of the widest range of messaging connectivity methods in the industry. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Frame Relay connections from multiple providers
  • Internet connections
  • MQIPT – MQ series
  • VPN
  • Outbound fax
  • Hosted web applications
  • Inbound and outbound email (SMTP)
  • Dedicated leased lines
  • SSH
  • ANX
  • FTP or FTP with PGP encryption
  • All major Value Added Networks

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