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CrewPro Short Line News

Genesee and Wyoming select CrewPro railroad crew management systems and QualPro qualification and field testing system

Genesee & Wyoming adopts CrewPro Short Line: Click here to read more.

Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA) has selected CrewPro Short Line

Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis adopts CrewPro Short Line: Click here to read more.

The Belt railway implements crewpro short line

The Belt Railway of Chicago adopts CrewPro Short Line: Click here to read more.

**Our shortline customers are combining both CrewPro Short Line and QualPro for Mobile qualification management, testing, and recordkeeping. It’s a powerful one-two punch for automating much of the back-office.

Click here for QualPro info.QualPro Engineer Qualification Management on Mobile devices

Why Choose CrewPro Short Line?

See it in Action

See the features and benefits of CrewPro Short Line railroad crew management software in action.

  • Subscription-based railroad Crew Management, Crew Scheduling
  • Define and maintain integrated employee information
  • Qualifications and rest status displayed
  • Schedule crews, create assignments – including seniority move-bumps
  • Manually add trains
  • Work-list and Pool management
  • Tie-up – includes Hours-of-Service and audit abilities
Powered by Oracle Cloud

PST Takes Care of: 

Software Updates
Up-time & Availability
Hardware Upkeep & Replacement

Short Lines Take Care of:

Business – Period.

For short line railroads wanting proven HOS and Crew Management plus the ability to integrate and automate qualifications management, CrewPro Short Line™ is the answer. Railway crew management has never been easier. 

With just a few mouse-clicks, you can simultaneously schedule crews, track HOS, take care of tie-up and more. Traincrew scheduling and money-saving the way it should be: Easy.

  • Railroad Crew Scheduling Software + Hours-of-Service

  • Tie-up, including easy auditing/certification for the FRA

  • Colocated, detail crew history, records and contact info

  • Pool Management for extra or scheduled (assigned) jobs

  • Crew visibility – information on whose assigned, rest information, craft information and status availability

  • Automatically restricts scheduling employees to prevent HOS violations

  • Qualifications, including pending expiration

  • Manage layoffs and markups to get the most from available manpower

  • Cloud-based security and data protection provided by business computing leader, Oracle

CrewPro for Short Lines is a right-sized solution.

We’ve learned a thing or two about saving railroads money in the last 30 years. There is no reason Short Lines shouldn’t share in those savings.

PST’s reputation is built on running railroads well. We don’t specialize in doing one thing well, we know how to make everything work well, together. That’s how railroads save money. ~ Seenu Chundru, President, PST

Thirty years of deep railroad knowledge and processes merged with online accessibility is the hallmark of this software modernization for the Railroad industry. There is a reason 6 out of 7 Class 1 railroads use PST Crew Management software. Now, there are even more reasons to use it moving forward.

It’s about time Short Lines got the power of significant Dispatching savings larger roads had for years.

Modern Interface

From what you see on-screen, to what happens behind the scenes, CrewPro Short Line uses the latest knowledge in User Interfaces and computer programming. And, we’ve wrapped the necessities of Crew Management into proven, workflow enhancing layouts.


You aren’t stuck with what we’ve set up. Part of a modern User Interface is the ability to let you customize how it works. Display what you need to see and make CrewPro even more efficient for how you do business. It’s not about us, it’s about you and what works best.


Shortlines have specific needs: HOS, Tie-up, Pool Management, Worklists and FRA auditing/certification functions. But suppose you want a little more later on. Activate our additional railroad business modules later on, and capture those efficiencies when the time is right for your railroad.

Short Line Ready. See a Demo.

Served from the Cloud

Our CrewPro Short Line crew management software requires no additional computer hardware, no IT department expansion. Basically, it’s business-as-usual, only better.

Once upon a time, the computer horsepower and data-driven abilities of CrewPro meant only Class I railroads could afford the benefits this solution brings. But now, we’re hosting CrewPro with a highly secure, well-developed cloud provider.

What does this mean? It means you get all of the benefits with none of the overhead.

It’s also available exclusively by subscription. No software license, no capital expenditure.

CrewPro Software solution for Crew scheduling


We built the tool. You become the craftsman.

No additional IT staff needed. Just the people that know your business.

CrewPro eliminates the need for connecting Excel Spreadsheets, whiteboards and reams of paper and Post-it notes.

  • Have all employee data immediately available without having to leave CrewPro
  • Visibility into rest, certifications, crafts and more lets you schedule faster and safer
  • Be ready for FRA visits with all records at your fingertips
  • There’s more, but you’re starting to get the idea…

And that’s just scratching the surface.


Smart Short Lines don’t have time for dumb software.

So, we made things fast, simple and smart.


New Screens and Smart Info – Modern, best-practices interfaces present and reflow information in ways that save significant time and money. No hunting and pecking around multiple windows.

Predictive Search – Looking for something? All search boxes instantaneously display results as you type. But, as you type additional letters or numbers, the results immediately eliminate anything that doesn’t match. Finding routes, trains or employees has never been easier



Built to grow. Add only what you need.

You don’t need a thousand options or bloated software. But, you might want to optimize some other business needs in your operation. CrewPro will continue to gain more abilities which can be added as modules to your subscription plan.

The nice part is, you don’t need to do it right away. You can always add wanted or new features later – easily. The nice part is, there will be no software installs, no updating and hoping things work. We take care of that for you, behind the scenes, invisibly.

It doesn’t get much better than that. 


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