The Belt Railway Company of Chicago Implements CrewPro Short Line

BRC new locomotivePS Technology (PST) is pleased to announce the Belt Railway Company of Chicago (BRC) has adopted CrewPro Short Line™ to help modernize the management of their crews.

“It is critical that BRC sets itself up for continuing success when modernizing something as significant as how we manage our train crews. Rail is a tough business. We considered several options and we felt PST understood our business needs and that they have a fully functional solution-oriented product with railroader common sense built into the software.” said Mike Grace, BRC President. “We wanted to make smart changes and quickly improve servicing our customers, while taking care of our crew members. This will help us make some significant operational gains.”

The Belt Railway Company of Chicago (BRC) has adopted CrewPro Short Line™ to help modernize the management of their crews.BRC’s crew scheduling and hours-of-service (HOS) requirements will now be handled by CrewPro software. The CrewPro is a cloud-based system that automates previously labor-intensive record-keeping and scheduling processes, while helping ensure regulatory compliance.

BRC General Manager Percy Fields elaborates, “The decision for CrewPro was really made for me when we realized the comprehensive automation that CrewPro provides would significantly improve how we do business. Furthermore, crews can now easily log-in at the start of their shift, while the HOS tracking assures no violations happen. Frankly, the crews themselves will like being able to view assignments, and post for bids and bumps.”

The Belt Railway is the largest intermediate switching terminal railroad in the United States, employing approximately 450 people. The Belt has 28 miles of mainline route with more than 300 miles of switching tracks, allowing it to interchange with every railroad serving the Chicago rail hub. The Belt’s Clearing Yards span a 5.5 mile distance among 786 acres, supporting more than 250 miles of track.

“The Belt is such a well-respected leader in the Class 2 rail space. I mean they have almost 130 years of rail service, which has helped to define this country.” says Seenu Chundru, PST president. “It is very gratifying to help a railroad, with such deep roots, move successfully forward. We are railroaders, designing for the rail industry and take great pride in that.”

BRC joins a growing number of railroads implementing CrewPro Short Line such as Genesee and Wyoming, and Terminal Railroad.

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