Louisville, CO, March 21, 2022 — PS Technology (PST) has announced a new Senior Vice President for Marketing and Sales, Abhi Bhan, and Vice President Sudha Garikapati for Customer Fulfillment.

“I am very happy to bring such seasoned professionals into PST,” says CEO Seenu Chundru. “We are growing so quickly, and our customers require the absolute best effort we can put forth. These new team members will make that effort a sure thing.”

Abhi Bahn, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Abhi Bhan, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Abhi Bhan, the new SVP of Sales and Marketing, has an extensive background matching customers with critical systems appropriate to their businesses. “No two customer situations are ever the same.”, notes Bhan. “Because of that, it is very important to listen carefully to the customer and clearly understand what it will take to make them succeed, and then deliver on that.”

Bhan has extensive technology solution experience in both domestic and international markets that spans digital transformation, business process services, infrastructure, and managed services, enterprise applications services, and big data and analytics.

PST’s customer success and fulfillment activities will be led by the new VP of Fulfillment, Sudha Garikapati. “The details of business are always critical,” shares Sudha, “…but never losing sight of guaranteeing that customers are getting continuous value and service is even more critical.”

Sudha has over 20 years of experience in Tech, joining PST from Walmart Tech, where she led Engineering technology teams with a global focus. Her focus was to help her customers across 26 countries with their transformation goals. The transformation included how 600k+ store associates do their work by modernizing the mobile platform and movement of tech stack to the cloud applications. Sudha is a result-driven and highly analytical leader in driving engineering culture. She has successfully built and motivated high-energy teams through effective hiring & people management skills.

Sudha Garikapati, Vice President of Customer Fulfillment

Sudha Garikapati, Vice President of Customer Fulfillment

Seenu continues, “With Abhi and Sudha joining PST, we have an incredibly solid bench of international cross-domain experience. PST customers will be getting ongoing, world-class service and solutions for any engagement that they have with us. This will help our customers grow their businesses as well.”


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