CrewWatch- Drug & Alcohol (D&A) Testing Coordination, Standardization and Efficiency
for TE&Y or MOW Workers


For any enterprise level situation, whether railroad, city employees, or organizations complying with federal mandates, PST has an extremely robust solution called CrewWatch™. Automation and tight, thorough processes make compliance management an efficient and productive endeavor.

Testing programs inherently involve numerous players, procedures, data, and documents and report submission. CrewWatch™ manages many of these testing processes automatically and effortlessly, including random selection,  employee records, scheduling return-to-duty, followup, and pre-employment tests.

The solution is designed to communicate with vendors (e.g., Collector, lab and MRO) and employee supervisors to minimize manual data entry and maximize data accuracy.

Changes in FRA Regulations

The Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 is the most notable Congressional mandate in the Rail industry thus far. The mandate will obligate and therefore improve railroad safety. Recently, there was an addition to include the Alcohol and Drug testing of Maintenance of Way (MOW) Employees. The effective date will be June 12, 2017.

Benefits and Features

Simplified Crew Management

Key Benefits

  • Standardization – employee groups are treated equally as required in federal regulations and company policies
  • Easy record maintenance and retrieval
  • Guaranteed, automatic randomized selection.
  • Exports data to FRA compliant formats
  • Timely responses

Key Features

  • Automation allows for cost savings, predictability and standardization
  • Software built around the railroad and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association and Federal Railroad Administration
  • Always important. Well done.
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