PST Announces Railyard Automation Systems Design and Services

Louisville, CO, Feb. 12, 2020 — PS Technology (PST) is today launching its train terminal process control systems for switching operations. The modern and proprietary SwitchPro™ software systems and yard design services are now available for all railroads interested in automating or upgrading their train terminals.

SwitchPro Hump Yard, Flat Yard, and NX Control“We’re seeing hump yards increase their cars per minute by over 20% while at the same time decreasing misroutes,” said Levi Keene, senior manager-Yard Systems, PST. “There is a lot of industry pressure right now to optimize the rail network; the SwitchPro systems are designed to meet that need.”

In addition to the hump yard software known as SwitchPro HPC, the product line includes solutions for flat yards, as well as receiving and departure yards. PST’s solutions have been implemented across Union Pacific Railroad’s 23-state network over the last eight years.

“We’ve helped fine-tune operations for the largest Class I railroad in America,” said Jeff Jordan, systems engineer, PST. “The concentrated effort allowed us to create smart systems that self-tune based on car characteristics, track structure, weather, and more.”

The system comes with real-time monitoring abilities used to alert maintainers, operators, and management on the health and performance of the solution.

“We have real-time insight into the network’s state, health, and operational performance, creating a closed-loop control system and operating environment that allows for steady-state and sustainable operations,” said Nathan Nowak, senior systems engineer, Union Pacific.

SwitchPro HPC is designed to be a distributed process control system with all field devices communicating through fiber-connected cabins throughout the yard. Each cabin consists of redundant hardware and fiber optic cable rings, ensuring that single failures do not impact operations. The system’s architecture allows for 99.99% system availability.

The flat yard system, SwitchPro FPC, automates previously manual tasks in flat yards. Integrated work list management leads to more efficient operations during car classification, lining routes and car processing, and ensures accurate car location.

SwitchPro NX is a state-of-the-art system designed to improve routing, track protection and blue flag protection in receiving, departure, or any yard requiring switch or derail automation routing. The program seamlessly integrates with other classification systems, while supporting commercially available hardware and mobile capabilities for use within in the terminal.

“We are extremely pleased to bring this modern solution to the rail industry,” said Seenu Chundru, president, PST. “Eliminating yard dwell and speeding train-building is a proven way to increase ROI.”

PST will be attending the RSSI conference on June 1-3, 2020 in Nashville, TN, booth number 565.

About PS Technology

PS Technology is committed to delivering significant and measurable returns to its clients and partners. For over three decades, PST has improved the processes and systems surrounding crew management, timekeeping and physics-based simulation solutions with integrity and a desire to create value.

PST’s asset management systems power the largest railroads in North America. PST’s crew management and timekeeping solutions have been used to manage the day-to-day operations of over 100,000 employees that run, maintain and support rail operations across more than 120,000 miles of rail. PST’s physics-based simulation solutions provide a premium learning environment.


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