What are our customers asking for?

Progressive Railroading June 2021In a recent edition of Progressive Railroading magazine, PST President Seenu Chundru was asked about where technology and PST’s customers are headed to.

His answer: We’re helping railroads capitalize on blending rail experience and technology.

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In the last four years we’ve seen a massive shift in how railroads are thinking about intelligent technology for managing the business of rail. This is true for Class I, Short Line, and Passenger roads across the board. In many industries, outside of rail, you can do practically everything you need to do on your phone. This everyday user experience of relevancy, immediacy and ease-of-use is driving how we serve our customers more than ever before.

As a company, we are becoming even more involved with problem-solving for our customers. This process yields valuable, practical solutions rather than software looking for a problem to solve. Our successes are actually shared wins with our customers.

Seenu Chundru, PST President

Seenu Chundru, PST President

Another shift we’ve been making is working with customers for even better “enterprise-think.” There are many easy-to-use programming tools out there that can be used for creating simple solutions. But according to our customers, those solutions tend to be isolated silos of problem-solving that miss a bigger picture. The “enterprise-think” I’m talking about is working with customers, taking our rail domain expertise, and creating solutions that extract the maximum value through data and integration. This approach pays huge dividends for railroads. But this only happens when the developers truly understand the complexity of rail.

Many of our team members have worked for various railroads in their past and have a deep understanding of rail business, laws, regulations, and agreement worker needs.  This really improves the usability of PS Technology solutions and prevents pseudo-efficiencies created from a hodge-podge of off-the-shelf software tools. Instead, we work to achieve substantial efficiencies gained by total business integration.

Just as important is what this means for Short Line railroads.  Inherently, new technology and efficiencies have a deflationary effect on operations. We are helping scale these rail technology solutions to smaller roads. Every railroad needs lower expenses and increased efficiencies.

Railroad business logic and decision-making is hard, very hard. I have to come back to our domain knowledge as being a critical benefit PST offers its customers. This is what really helps railroads that use our solutions. Whether Transportation Management, Precision Train Builder, Crew Management, Drug & Alcohol Testing, Training, Asset Management, or total operation, we’ve simply been successfully streamlining those areas with technology for decades. This is what railroads can expect from us, every time.


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