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“What caused the

Get answers for derailments and break-in-twos fast. On your timetable.

Event Recorder Analyzer for railroads

Our new, easy-to-use physical simulation analysis tools find those answers and present derailment or break-in-two information in a customizable dashboard that saves you time and money. Upload the train number, consist info and then click “Run”.

We use a state-of-the-art simulation to recreate ink-train forces for every single car in a consist. Decide what kind of reports you want to see and click a few buttons to get them. No cryptic visuals, no information overload.

It’s that simple.

Working Software.
Right Now.

The gold standard in railroad Class I Crew Management has just gotten better.
Ready for Short Line railroads, too. Click here to learn more or schedule a demo.

Crew Pro

We are now also collaborating with Norfolk Southern for the first Class I roll-out. Learn more here.


Learn about Crew Pro for Class I railroads by clicking the link here or the one below. We also have CrewPro for Short Lines. Learn more by clicking here.

Field Training Evaluations &
Qualification Management

Railroad employee qualification management the way it should be: Easy, mobile, integrated and fast. Our QualPro™ qualification management tool is what you need.

Genesee & Wyoming have adopted both QualPro and CrewPro. Find out more here.


QualPro Railroad Qualification Management for railroads

Business Process Optimization

Each of our products is designed to utilize intelligent automation.

We help you automatically meet the required regulatory paperwork trails. Whether you need railroad crew management, drug and alcohol testing, qualification management, or training and simulation, we have the tools to get it done right and on-time.

Savage services came to us to help with their qualification management and Crew Management. Click here to learn more.

Savage Services: Transportation · Logistics · Materials Handling · Industrial Services

Crew watch drug and alcohol testing and managementDrug and Alcohol Compliance.
Designed to be Simple.

Automate your compliance reporting and incident tracking while keeping stakeholders in the loop.
Enter data once and the rest happens on schedule and with traceability.

You can find out more here.

HR and Personnel

You know the rules. We help you keep them.



With Trackability.

No lost files. No delays due to “I’m not sure where it is.” PST takes the best of your department and makes it even better.

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