Helping you run your business, is our business.

The little things make the biggest difference. We sweat the little stuff.

Engineer Training That’s Been Proven to Take Less Time

We get people from the classroom to the locomotive better, faster, and thoroughly trained.

Full-size locomotive simulator with real control inputs and motion/haptic seat.

Rewritten. Reborn.

The gold standard in railroad Crew Management has just gotten better. Ready for Short Line railroads.

CrewPro Management Software for Railroads

We are now also collaborating with Norfolk Southern for the first Class I roll-out. Learn more here.


Learn about about Crew Pro by clicking the link below:

Detect Mechanical Issues Before Scheduled Inspections

Working smarter instead of harder is what we are  about. Avoiding failures is how that’s done.

Business Process Optimization

We can help you automatically meet the required regulatory paperwork trails. Reduce man-hours involved and eliminate lost or misplaced records.

HR and Personnel

You know the rules. We help you keep them.



With Trackability.

No lost files. No delays due to “I’m not sure where it is.” PST takes the best of your department and makes it even better.

Crew watch drug and alcohol testing and managementDrug and Alcohol Compliance.
Designed to be Simple.03

Automate your compliance requirements and keep stakeholders in the loop with no extra effort. Enter data once and the rest happens on schedule and with traceability.

Increased Efficiency is our Claim to Fame

Uncommon, Common-Sense

Knowledge is power and nobody has more knowledge about this industry than we do.

The result? You get the most powerful management tools ever made.

Too good to be true? Take a look at our background and you’ll see that we have a vested interest in our solutions.
In fact, we use them ourselves.


The experience you've been looking for.

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