PST Adds Technologists and Scrum-as-a-Service to its Offerings

PS Technology (PST) has expanded its services to include a wide range of short-term abilities to help railroads meet the changing business landscape.

Rushi Patel, PS Technology CEO and President

Rushi Patel, PS Technology CEO and President

“Across the board, this is something that railroads are very excited about.”, says PST CEO Rushi Patel. “We have both Class I and Short Line railroads contracting services with us to help meet their technology needs. A lot of it centers around making up for technical debt and assistance with moving to cloud-based platforms.”


PST is seeing the most interest in its new Scrum-as-a-Service offering which is being used to fast-track change initiatives and service enhancements. “In spite of our deep understanding of railroad processes and needs, our scrum engagements have some of the lowest rates in the field.”, comments Patel. “We’ve got skin in the game for these services. It’s a fixed price based on story-points that we and customers agree to, so there is no scope creep and no ‘surprise’ development costs.”

With more railroads seeking to transfer on-prem IT to the cloud, a majority of PST’s current engagements include variations of data lake development and new technology and analytics enablement via APIs. Rushi adds, “Many railroads have been deferring technology upgrades, but have an immediate need to squeeze more juice out of what they have. So, PST is helping them manage that obsolescence and  tech debt while simultaneously preparing them for new technology adoption.”

Offered Services

World-Class Railroad technologists and scrum-as-a-service for managing legacy applications and systems or custom development, short-term programming engagements, cybersecurity assessments, and security plan execution.PST’s Technology Services cover a wide range of services that PST has become an expert in over its 30+ year history. These services include:

  • Cybersecurity and TSA Compliance
  • Event Recorder Analyzer as a Service
  • Scrum-as-a-Service
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Technology or Network Upgrade Paths or Design
  • System Upkeep
  • Custom Coding
  • SAP™, Oracle™, Azure™ Integration
  • Technology Selection SMEs
  • ERP selection and integration

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